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Tennis Betting Not On Gamstop

Tennis is a popular, worldwide sport which is fun to play and thrilling to watch. It goes without saying therefore that it is also a very good sport to have a flutter on. It is consistently placed in the top ten of sports to bet on in surveys and can be near the top of the table when any of the major tournaments are taking place.

There are five different formats of the game: men’s and women’s Singles; men’s and women’s Doubles; and Mixed Doubles, where both male and female players play on the same side. The rules are very similar for all formats, although the length of games (three or five sets) can vary, and the dimensions of the court are slightly wider for Doubles.

The four major ‘Grand Slam’ tournaments are held in the United Kingdom (Wimbledon), France (Paris), the United States (New York) and Australia (Melbourne). Below this, there are a number of ‘second level’ ranking tournaments, at which most of the top professionals also play. These take place on the ATP Tour (men) and the WTA Tour (women). There is also the ‘Challenger’ Tour, which would-be top players can use to try to improve their ranking points in order to qualify for the top tournaments.

In addition, there is also a pair of international team tournaments: the Davis Cup for men and the Billie Jean King Cup for women (formerly the Federation Cup). Tennis is also one of the Olympic Games.

Most betting revolves around predicting tournament winners and also on individual matches within tournaments. More detailed bets can also be placed though. These include the number of games in a set or match; the correct score of a set or match plus a variety of spread bets too.

Sports betting companies focused on the UK market cover all the major tournaments and most also will accept bets for the next level competitions too. The main focus is always on Wimbledon though, as it is the UK based Grand Slam. It is also unique in being the only remaining top tournament played on grass.

Switching to a non-UK market based sports betting company (often referred to as non-Gamstop) can bring some advantages. It is worth considering if you are a committed tennis fan who places regular bets, particularly if these extend beyond the major tournaments.

Advantages of Tennis Betting Not On Gamstop

  • Greater variety of betting options – The sport of tennis in the UK tends to be largely focused on Wimbledon. The other ‘Grand Slam’ Championships will also be covered, but other international tournaments may not. Choosing a non-UK focused sports betting site means that its sporting coverage may be more detailed, and likely to include more extensive coverage of second level tennis tournaments like the ATP Tour and the Challenger Tour (men) and the WTA tour (women).
  • Quicker registration process and withdrawals – Registration and initial withdrawals can be quicker when using a non-UKGC regulated site. This is because overseas regulated sports betting operators have different requirements when it comes to identity and banking checks, which tend to be less strict than those imposed on customers of UK regulated sites.
  • Different payment options – Credit cards are banned as a method of payment on UK and EU licenced soprts betting and gambling sites. However, these type of payments continue to be allowed by the Government of Curacao and some other international licencing authorities. This means that it may be possible to make deposits using your credit card when betting on non-Gamstop sites. Other payment options may also differ, as other internationally licenced operators tend to be focused on their own overseas markets.
  • Alternative bonuses and promotions – The UKGC has strict rules restricting the kinds of promotions and bonuses which their licenced operators are able to offer. Other internationally located licencing authorities tend to be less restrictive. This means that operators in this market may be able to offer more innovative and generous schemes with better bonuses than companies which are regulated for the UK market.

Disavantages of Tennis Betting Not On Gamstop

  • Not suitable for players with a gambling problem – Players who know or even suspect they may have a gambling problem are not recommended to use non-Gamstop sites. This is because Gamstop’s self-exclusion methods do not apply to overseas licenced sites. Other betting and gambling support organisations are also less likely to be able to offer effective practical help with self-exclusion from these operations. Anti-gambling software such as the Gamban app is also likely to be ineffective.
  • No UKGC protection – The UKGC may seem restrictive to many, but it is an effective consumer protection body. It offers useful support in the event of a dispute – mostly by the threat of heavy financial fines in the event that it finds one of its licensees guilty of breaching its regulations. This is unlikely to be the case for other internationally regulated sites. A Curacao licence for example, offers punters little, if any such protection. Customer support in general is also less of a priority for many of these sites, perhaps because they do not have the prospect of intervening UKGC regulators to look out for.
  • Different payments – Whilst credit cards may be allowed, other payment options regularly available on UKGC regulated sites may not be. PayPal for example, is rarely offered. This is because it is banned by the US federal government from its market, in much the same way as the credit card is outlawed by the UK and European authorities. Other commonly used payments may also be absent, given that internationally regulated sites are more likely to be focused on overseas markets than that of the UK and EU.
  • Data protection – Data protection laws differ across the world. UK / EU data protection laws do not apply to most non-Gamstop sites. This means that data security measures in place on your chosen non-Gamstop site may not be as comprehensive as you would expect from a UKGC regulated operator.

Is it safe to bet on Tennis on non-gamstop sites?

Choosing to place a bet on a non-Gamstop site always represents an additional risk. Punters with a known or suspected gambling problem should definitely avoid using them. All gambling is a risk though, so for others it is a matter applying their usual risk / reward judgement. As a general rule though, it is always a good idea to check online review sites for poor online responses or negative feedback.

Also, whenever making bets on any new site for the first time, it is best to place low value stakes first, before assuming your usual betting patterns when you have built a relationship of trust.