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A Guide to MetaMask Casinos

For those already navigating the intricate world of cryptocurrencies, the name MetaMask is likely a familiar one. If not, it’s time to get acquainted with the most popular crypto wallet in the world – MetaMask. This wallet serves as your portal to perform transactions using a variety of cryptos. With the rise of crypto casinos, we’re witnessing an increasing number of these casinos becoming compatible with the MetaMask wallet, transforming into what’s now known as MetaMask casinos. Before we delve into the realm of Metamask gambling, let’s first understand MetaMask’s workings.

What is MetaMask?

MetaMask has many different purposes, all of which are crypto-related. The wallet allows users to store and manage account keys, broadcast transactions, and send and receive cryptocurrencies and tokens. What’s more, the wallet can securely link to decentralised applications and Web 3 services through Google Chrome, Brave or Firefox browser, or via the MetaMask mobile app’s browser. MetaMask allows users to connect to many decentralised applications.

Why use MetaMask?

There are many cryptocurrency wallets on the market, such as Coinbase. However, many players opt to use the MetaMask wallet because of its direct-to-browser convenience. This means you don’t have to go through a long-winded approach to funding your account using crypto. The MetaMask wallet is linked to your browser, so you only need to sign in to connect the wallet with your MetaMask casino. Although there isn’t a large number of crypto casinos that accept MetaMask, it will surely keep growing and may even be the future of crypto gambling.

How to set up MetaMask

Getting up and running with MetaMask is an easy task and only takes a minute or two. First, you’ll need to download the MetaMask wallet software onto your device by heading to the official MetaMask website and hitting the install button. Once you have installed the application, head to the extension icon in the top right corner of the web browser and open the wallet. You will then be presented with two options:

  • Create a wallet: This is for new users.
  • Import wallet: This is for existing users.

Once you select to create a new wallet, you will need to create a password. You should always use an ultra-secure password, as this is the key to your account. If someone has your password, they have access to all your funds.

You will also be presented with a secret recovery phrase. This is something you need to write down and store in a safe place. Should you ever forget your password, the only other way to access your wallet is through the secret recovery phrase. However, if someone gets hold of your recovery phase, they have access to your account and all the funds inside it. Once you’re all set up, you can view your public address that you’ll need to receive digital assets. You can then buy and send cryptocurrencies directly from the wallet.

How to fund your MetaMask Wallet

 To play real money games at a MetaMask casino, you will need to have funds in your MetaMask wallet. The process of topping up your crypto wallet is simple, but if you make one small error, it could result in the loss of your funds. Here’s how you safely fund your wallet:

  1. First, you will need to purchase cryptocurrency from a reputable crypto exchange such as Coinbase or Binance. You can do this by going to ‘Buy Crypto’ and selecting the digital currency you wish to purchase. Then you just need to add in your card details to complete the purchase.
  2. Then on your crypto exchange you will need to head over to ‘Send’ and select Ethereum as your token and the amount you wish to transfer over to your MetaMask wallet.
  3. Open your MetaMask through the browser extension or mobile, hit ‘Receive,’ and copy the address.
  4. Then head back over to your crypto exchange and paste in the MetaMask wallet address. Make sure you have selected the ECR-20 network to transfer Ethereum. Double check the address and hit ‘Send’.
  5. The Ethereum will then transfer over to your wallet in a few minutes.

If you want to avoid the gas fees with Ethereum, you can also set up MetaMask to work with the Binance Smart Chain (BSC)  or any other blockchain.

Best MetaMask Casinos 2023

Now we have covered the mechanics of MetaMask. We’re going to review the MetaMask casinos that are currently compatible with the crypto wallet. These casino sites are built using blockchain technology, so they are not using the same technology as your standard online casino.  It’s important to mention that these casinos allow you to connect directly to your wallet without needing to register.

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How to make Casino Deposits through MetaMask

It couldn’t be easier to fund your account through MetaMask. The wallet has been designed to hold any ERC-20 token, such as Eth, Chainlink, or Tether. To deposit into your casino account, you will need to copy the casino’s wallet address, which will be a large combination of letters and numbers. Then you just need to open your MetaMask wallet and hit ‘Send’, paste the wallet address of your preferred casino and hit Confirm. The transaction time may take a few minutes or even up to an hour, this depends on how many transactions are taking place on the Ethereum network at that time, sometimes it can be congested. Furthermore, some ECR-20 tokens will include a gas fee, which is a cost of using the Ethereum blockchain.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is MetaMask safe to use?

MetaMask has multi-layered security that protects your funds from potential threats. Although the wallet is used and trusted by millions, you will have to keep your wits about you as there are many scams targeting MetaMask users. You should never share your secret passphrase, and it’s always worth educating yourself on avoiding phishing scams.

Is It Safe to Leave Money in MetaMask?

It’s not recommended that you leave large sums in your MetaMask wallet.

Is MetaMask a Hot or Cold Wallet?

MetaMask is a hot wallet as it’s linked to the Internet and not a hardware wallet. Hot wallets have plenty of security features, but they are not as secure as cold wallets. It’s always worth investing in a cold wallet to further protect your funds.

Where can I make transactions on Metamask?

You can use the MetaMask wallet to make purchases from a selection of online retailers, gaming sites, and more. Although most online sites are not yet compatible with the wallet, we are seeing more and more sites embrace the popular crypto wallet.