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Jackpotjoy Account Closed / Restricted? Find Out Why

There may be instances where players find their account at Jackpotjoy either closed or restricted. This could involve limiting stakes, capping winnings, restricting betting markets or complete closure of the account. In this article, we will explore the reasons behind such actions and provide some guidance on how to avoid these restrictions. We will also discuss sister sites that do not restrict accounts and delve into the legality and ethics of the casino’s decision to restrict accounts.

Reasons Behind Account Restrictions and Closures

The reasons that can lead to Jackpotjoy restricting or closing an account are varied and include the following:

Winning too much

A consistent winning streak may lead to Jackpotjoy taking the decision to restrict or close your account. While this may seem unfair to players, it is important to remember that the casino is a business and may take necessary steps to protect their bottom line.

Abusing bonuses and promotions

Taking advantage of bonuses and promotions in a way that the casino deems to be unfair or inconsistent with the intended purpose may result in restrictions or even account closure. This could include using multiple accounts to claim the same bonus or exploiting loopholes in the promotion terms.

Ignoring bonuses and promotions

On the other hand, completely ignoring the casino’s promotions and only placing bets in games where bonuses are not applicable, could also lead to your account being flagged for unusual activity.

Suspected arbitrage

Arbitrage betting refers to the practice of placing bets on all possible outcomes of an event, to ensure a guaranteed profit. Jackpotjoy may consider such behaviour as exploitation and restrict or close an account as a result.

Being a professional bettor

Casinos, including Jackpotjoy, typically prefer recreational players over professionals. If the casino suspects that a player is a professional gambler, they may choose to restrict or close the account to protect their business interests.

Betting unusual amounts

Placing bets of irregular amounts consistently, for example, £73.25 instead of £75, can raise suspicion and may lead the casino to consider account restriction.

Having multiple accounts

Creating more than one account with the same casino is a violation of terms and conditions. This can result in restrictions or complete closure of all related accounts.

Sister Sites That Don’t Restrict Accounts

If you are concerned about account restrictions at Jackpotjoy, consider exploring their sister sites, as they may have more lenient restrictions or different policies in place. However, it is essential to review each site’s terms and conditions thoroughly to ensure compliance with their rules.

How to Avoid Having Your Casino Account Restricted

To minimise the risk of having your account restricted or closed, consider the following:

Make round-numbered bets

Placing bets in round numbers, rather than unusual amounts, can help avoid suspicion and account restrictions.

Bet small

Keeping your bets small and consistent can help maintain a low profile, making it less likely for the casino to view your activity as professional gambling.

Strategically use bonuses and promotions

Utilise bonuses and promotions in moderation, avoiding patterns that may be considered abuse or exploitation by the casino.

Avoid frequent deposits and cashouts

Making frequent deposits or withdrawals can raise suspicion. Try to limit such activity to maintain a healthy account status.

Use mug betting

Mug betting refers to placing occasional bets on popular markets or less profitable games, to make it seem like you are a recreational player rather than a professional.

Track your results

Keeping a record of your gambling activity can help you identify patterns or activity that may lead to account restrictions.

Do not create more than one account

As stated earlier, creating multiple accounts is against the casino’s terms and conditions. Avoid this practice to prevent account closure.

Legality and Ethics of Account Restrictions

While the ethicality of account restrictions is a matter of debate, it is legal for casinos, such as Jackpotjoy, to restrict accounts. They are private companies and betting privileges are a privilege, not a right. Players should always familiarise themselves with the terms and conditions of any casino they choose to play at, to ensure compliance and avoid potential issues such as account restrictions or closures.