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How To Block Gambling Sites In The UK

Playing online casino games should always be considered a fun recreational pastime, and not a way to make money. You should always keep in mind that the ‘house’ always has the edge. There are some players that succumb to a gambling addiction, and this can lead to some serious financial and personal issues. The Gambling Commission of Great Britain puts a lot of attention on gambling problems and has taken many measures in recent years to enforce a safer gambling environment. If a UK online casino is caught not following the rules set out by the UKGC then they will be at risk of receiving a huge fine, reaching into the millions.

There are many players in the UK who suffer from a gambling addiction, the number is suspected to be around 1.4 million people, which is around 2.7% of the entire population. This huge number is because half of the adults in Great Britain gamble. This means there is a huge number of people who are at risk of developing some form of a gambling problem.

The UKGC has applied many new rules to operators in recent years, such as stricter vetting on players to make sure they have the appropriate income against their playing budget. What’s more, casinos are not supposed to encourage those who lose large amounts to continue betting. There has been a lot of bad press around gaming operators taking advantage of players who clearly have a gambling addiction. As a result, the operators receive a fine and are at risk of losing their license to operate altogether.

In 2000, the UKGC launched the GamBlock program to help problem gamblers block any gambling websites from being accessed on their systems. Since 2000, there have been several reputable online blockers hitting the market. These gambling blockers are a highly effective way to block any gambling sites from your access. With so much choice, we’re going to run through the top-rated gambling blockers in the UK.

Online casinos in the UK feature a self-assessment test that can help identify what kind of blocker would be most suitable to you. Moreover, if you feel that you are not in the midst of a problem but feel you need to stay safe, then you can register with GamCare and take advantage of all the help and advice available. If you need to completely block gambling sites, then continue reading and find out how to fully block gambling sites.

The best ways to block UK gambling sites

There are many different blocking solutions for your gaming activity. The most notable way to restrict access to gambling sites is by registering for self-exclusion schemes like GamStop, or you could take advantage of some banking tools that will prevent any transactions to gambling companies. The most popular self-exclusion sites include BetBlocker, GamCare and GamStop, while you can get up payment blockers with your bank. Additionally, there are various apps you can use including Gamban, GamBlock, BetFilter and NetNanny, but these do come with a fee. We’re going to run through the free and paid options for gambling blockers.

Free gambling blockers in the UK

It is very difficult to control a gambling problem on your own. In fact, gambling addiction is recognised by the NHS as a medical condition. If you are struggling to stay in control then making the most of the free tools would be the way to go. These free solutions all serve different blocking measures, varying from complete blocks to deposit restrictions, while the harshest blocker is GamStop, which will ultimately exclude you from all gambling sites that operate under a UK license.

The GamStop scheme

GamStop is a widely recognised gambling blocker that applies the strictest possible restrictions. When you register with Gamstop, you will be fully excluded from all online casinos and sports betting sites for one year, three years, or five years. This solution is designed for those who have no control over their gambling. However, the restrictions only apply to UK gambling operators and not casinos that operate outside of the UK or casinos not on Gamstop.

About Gambling Banking Blockers

There are some UK banks that offer their customers the opportunity to restrict gambling payments. Reputable online banks like Monzo and Revolut offer these options, while regular high street banks are less so. It’s worth bearing in mind that spending on gambling websites can have a negative impact on your credit rating, not to mention your finances.

About GamCare

GamCare is a widely recognised organisation in the gaming business that provides help to problem gamblers. Although the service does not offer a free gambling blocker, it is associated with the blocking services and provides direct links to them.

About BetBlocker

BetBlocker is a free application that gives problem gamblers the tool to block more than 13,000 betting sites across all mobile and desktop devices. BetBlock has been around since 2017 and is widely used by many players. The app allows you to set a blocking time from between 1 and 5 years.

If you’re dedicated to beating a gambling addiction, then you may want to consider one of the paid options. These tools leave nothing to chance and provide a robust blocking service to keep you away. These paid blocking services vary in price but also vary in the blocking service they offer.

About Gamban

Gamban is a rock-solid blocking service that blocks betting sites in the UK and the rest of the world too. The service allows you to restrict gaming sites by the month or year, across all devices. The cost per month is £2.49, while the yearly price sits at £24.99. Additionally, Gamban provides all new users with a 7-day free trial.

About GamBlock

GamBlock is one of the most established gaming blockers, launching back in 2000. The service stops all users from accessing any betting sites in the UK, and many others outside of UK jurisdiction. The price for this blocker is based on the number of devices you use it on.

About BetFilter

BetFilter is another trusted tool that fully restricts all UK gambling sites. The service has a license cost that allows you to utilise it as much as you want, regardless of device and operating system. It’s as simple as selecting the plan for your needs and that’s it.

About NetNanny

NetNanny is a hugely popular internet blocking service that is designed to stop those under the gambling age from accessing betting sites and other sites, such as porn sites. Although the tool mostly catered towards concerned parents, it still offers a lot of value to those who suffer from gambling addiction.

Can I block gambling sites on mobile?

Put simply, yes. You can block all UK gambling sites for free on your mobile devices. You also have the option of paid services on mobile. There are many levels of blocking, some will block everything associated with gambling, such as adverts and pop ups too. There are free bet blockers on Android and iOS devices, including BetBlockers. If you want to stop all access to the betting sites, then you can make use of one of the BetFilter, Gamban or Gamblock apps. Furthermore, if you’re looking to completely halt all gaming activity permanently then you can sign up for the Gamstop self-exclusion scheme, which is active across all devices.

Free vs. paid gambling blockers

There is no big difference between free and paid options, both have the technology to block casino and sport betting sites in the UK and the world. You can take advantage of one of the free options that are funded by non-profit organisations. These still prevent players from accessing, depositing, and wagering on gambling websites. They also stop gambling ads from displaying on your screen.

The paid options, on the other hand, have been developed, refined, and serviced by privately funded services. The apps can provide some user-friendly features and even encourage you to stick to them since you are paying for the service. So, a paid blocker could be the motivation you need. All in all, the main difference is simply the price. You should pick based on how serious your gambling issue is and if you truly want to quit placing bets.

Additional betting restrictions

If you have your gambling under some level of control and merely need to tone things down a bit, then you can think about setting up some other restriction techniques that are less serious. Of course, if you are using a gambling blocker or on the self-exclusion scheme, then these options are made redundant.

Apply a deposit limit

At many UK online casinos, you will have the option to set up a deposit limit as soon as you have registered your details. A deposit limit can be set by day, week, or month, and is a way to stop yourself from depositing more than you can afford.

Apply a session limit

This gaming limitation is offered by most reputable casino sites and will cap the amount of time you can spend gambling on games. You will be alerted when the limit has been hit and the game window will close.

Apply a wager limit

Many casinos will allow you to set up a wager limit that caps the amount you can wager during a day, week, or month. If you hit the limit, you will not be able to place any further bets until the next day, week, or month.

Apply a loss limit

You can also set an amount that you are willing to lose, if your account balance hits that amount, you will not be able to make any more wager. These limits are a great way to keep your gambling urges in check.

Blocking gambling sites summary

All players should take some time to read the responsible gaming page on the casino site. This page is a great way to remind yourself of safe and harm-free gaming patterns. If you start breaking those patterns, then you can take the self-assessment tests and decide whether you need to set up some account limitations or whether you need to take a full break and self-exclude. If these restrictions are not enough, then it’s time to get a blocker in place and bring your problem to a full stop. You can also think about consulting with some professional organisations that specialise in helping those with gambling issues, such as GamCare and Gambling Therapy.


Which is the best gambling site blocker?

This will depend on your level of addiction. There are many different blocking solutions to consider, with free and paid options. If you want to block all sites and ads then you can use one option over another option that just blocks the sites. The top gambling site blockers include Gamban, BetBlocker, BetFilter, NetNanny, GamBlock or Gamban.

Can I block gambling sites on my phone?

Yes, the gambling blockers are completely compatible with all Android and iOS mobile phone devices. 

Can I stop the gambling blocker early?

No, you will have to wait until the block time is up, which is usually at least one year. 

Can I access non-UK gambling sites with a blocker?

No, unlike the Gamstop self-exclusion scheme, a gambling blocker will stop access to all gambling sites, regardless of licensing and jurisdiction. 

Can I block gambling transactions on my bank?

This will depend on the banking service that you use, but many reputable and user-friendly banks will provide an option to prevent gambling transactions. Banks like Monzo and Revolut offer this option directly from the banking app.