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Anonymous Casinos – No Verification

Here we have a list of no verification casinos that do not require any KYC checks and allow you to deposit using Bitcoin and various other currencies.

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A large proportion of casinos which are not on Gamstop are called ‘anonymous casinos’. So what is the difference between an anonymous casino and its more conventional rivals?

What are Anonymous Casinos?

Anonymous online casinos are sites which enable you to play games without revealing your personal or financial details. The only private information which is usually required to begin playing on an anonymous casino is an e-mail address.

Common Features of Anonymous Casinos

  • Use of cryptocurrency as a means of payment – Anonymous casinos are able to operate in this way by accepting cryptocurrencies as a means of payment. Bitcoin is the most famous and frequently accepted form of cryptocurrency, but others are also sometimes welcomed. These include Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin and others.  Most conventional forms of online payment require considerable amounts of personal information to be disclosed. The use of debit cards or other related payment services such as Trustly, all clearly require the disclosure of personal banking details to some extent.  Credit card payments are already prohibited by many national governments’ licencing bodies. In the United Kingdom, the use of credit cards to make payments for any kind of gambling activity has been banned since April 2020. Many, if not most national governments operate a similar policy.  There are other forms of payment which also offer anonymity in theory. The most well-known and commonly used of these is Paysafecard. These can be bought over the counter for cash, and cannot in themselves be linked to the purchaser when used as an online payment. Each has a unique PIN-style number which only the purchaser knows.  However, in order to use Paysafecard as a method of payment on a casino, players will generally be required to register with the casino, which will require the player to disclose further personal information in order to do so. Also, it is not possible to make withdrawals to Paysafecard. So at this point, again players would be required to disclose some kind of personal banking details in order to receive payment.
  • Non-typical licencing arrangements – Typical casinos are licenced via some kind of national government sanctioned licencing authority. For United Kingdom-based players, there are many potential licencing territories. These include the Channel Island of Alderney, the Isle of Man, the UK overseas territory of Gibraltar and even the Mediterranean island of Malta.  Ultimately though, all these bodies are required to operate under the jurisdiction of the UK Gambling Commission.Other conventional online casinos operating within the European and worldwide markets are also generally required to obtain licences via a national government licencing body.  The reason why this is the case is that all such casinos operate using the conventional banking system, which uses national currencies such as the euro, American dollar or UK pound as payment. And as they control their own currencies, national governments can impose its own rules on companies when accepting these currencies, and on the banks and other financial organisations which facilitate them.  National governments also tend not to be too keen on cryptocurrencies, which are essentially privately run, and do not operate under government control. This is why conventional casinos are generally unable to offer cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin as a payment option on their sites. Anonymous casinos are able to operate outside this kind of licencing system because the use of cryptocurrency is, by its very nature, anonymous.  Many anonymous casinos are in fact licenced. The Government of Curacao (a Dutch administered Caribbean island) is unique in offering a licence to casinos which accept cryptocurrencies. Many, if not most anonymous casinos are therefore licenced via this jurisdiction.
  • Absence of ‘know your customer’ (KYC) procedures – As conventional online casinos are registered via national government licencing authorities, they have to abide by national government rules. These will almost inevitably involve a set of regulations designed to prevent the use of gambling payments to ‘launder’ illegally obtained funds, help to fund anti-government activities, and to restrict other fraudulent behaviours of any kind. These are all activities with which the gambling industry has been associated in the past.  These regulations normally require online casinos (and the banking and financial organisations which facilitate payments) to carry out checks proving the identity and whereabouts of their customers. In the case of banks, this can even include the need to prove the provenance of funds before being permitted to open an account.  These procedures are commonly referred to as ‘know your customer’ (KYC) checks. This is why you are required to prove your identity before opening a new bank account, and to provide certain documents before you are permitted to withdraw your winnings from a conventional online casino.  Anonymous casinos are generally able to avoid these checks. This is because payments are being made outside the conventional banking system using traditional currencies like the euro, dollar or pound sterling. Furthermore, payments made using Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies are considered to be anonymous – not linked to any personal financial information or any geographical location.
  • Games are generally aligned to the American market – The games found on most anonymous casinos are often similar to those found on conventional casinos designed to operate for the US market. This is because American online casinos are typically licenced via the Government of Curacao. It therefore makes sense for casino operators to use many of the same software providers, as these are already licenced for and compatible with the Curacao regulated market.  This means that many of the games found on anonymous casinos may be unfamiliar to players based in the United Kingdom and Europe. Software companies which are licenced for casinos focused on the European market tend not to seek additional permissions to operate their games via Curacao licenced casinos.

What are the Advantages of Anonymous Casinos?

  • Anonymity – Perhaps the primary advantage of playing games with an anonymous casino is, obviously, anonymity. Because payment is via cryptocurrency and at most, only an e-mail address is required to start playing, using an anonymous casino is about as close to keeping things private as possible in the current era. There is no paper trail; no bank or financial statement to hide from prying eyes and no financial details are disclosed.  However, always remember that nothing is truly anonymous. You can take extra steps like using a specialist browser; use a virtual private network (VPN) rather than a typical internet service provider (ISP), you can use a unique e-mail address specifically for online gaming… but ultimately nothing online is 100% guaranteed secret and untraceable.  Bitcoin itself is commonly considered to be anonymous and highly secure from prying eyes. Nevertheless, a recent Freedom of Information (FOI) request made by New Scientist magazine has revealed that UK police forces have confiscated more than £300 million worth of Bitcoin during their criminal investigations over a five year period up to the end of 2021. So even Bitcoin itself is only anonymous up to a point.  Overall, the use of cryptocurrencies and their blockchain technology does afford you greater protection and privacy than when using conventional currencies, but nothing is 100% secret and secure.
  • No national boundaries or restrictions – Anonymous casinos generally operate outside national government jurisdiction. You can therefore play on them wherever you are. Not only this, but the terms and conditions will be the same everywhere too. This means that players will not be encumbered by national regulatory restrictions on gambling imposed by licencing bodies like the UK Gambling Commission.
  • Saves time and inconvenience – Because you only need to provide an e-mail address (at most) to register, getting started should be a much smoother process. Once you have made your payment, you should be able to get started straight away.  Claiming your winnings should be quicker too. In fact, with no KYC requirements to fulfil, withdrawals should be virtually instantaneous.
  • Range and quality of games – The range and quality of games on an anonymous casino can vary, much as they do on a conventional online casino. You really do need to check them out for yourself. However, there is one trend worth noting.  Whilst the overall quality between the two types of casino is comparable, this view may well vary according to which side of the Atlantic Ocean you are located. For European based players, many of the games will be unfamiliar, and few of the games popular in Europe will be found. This is because major software providers in Europe, such as NetEnt, Microgaming and others, tend not to be licenced via Curacao. On the other side of the pond however, many of the games may well be familiar.  Therefore, people based in the UK and Europe looking for variety and something different to play are more likely to be impressed than players based on the American side. On the other hand, players looking to play their usual favourites will be happier on the eastern side of the Atlantic.
  • Low Transaction Fees – Transaction fees in general are lower for cryptocurrency transactions than for traditional banking. However, it should be noted that most standard banking charges in online gaming are paid by the casino, not the player. This means that there may be little difference in practice, or even that an anonymous casino may even seem a little more expensive.   Always remember though, that it is always the player who pays in the end: if an online casino is forced to pay banking charges, these won’t be coming out of their profits, but will be added to their margin (usually by decreasing the Return to Player rate (RTP) applied to their games).
  • Fewer deposit or withdrawal restrictions – This is because of the freedom anonymous casinos have from national government regulations. Many licencing bodies limit the amount players can deposit, or impose other restrictions to try to  inhibit spending on gambling. Anonymous casinos face no such restrictions.
  • Better (or different) bonuses – Again, because of this relative freedom from regulation, anonymous casinos are free to offer whichever bonuses they like. Conventional casinos can be prevented from offering free offers or certain other kinds of promotion by their national regulatory authorities’ licencing conditions.

What are the Disadvantages of Anonymous Casinos?

The main disadvantages of playing games at an anonymous casino are a necessary consequence of some of the advantages. One of the most attractive aspects of playing at an anonymous casino is that you are likely to be playing at a site which operates outside national government regulation. As we have seen, this means that the casino can avoid many of the restrictions which government licencing bodies frequently impose. These include deposit limits, bonus restrictions and of course all those pesky and time-consuming KYC requirements.

  • Fewer rights and protections – The down side of course, is that players also lose the consumer protection rights and assurances of fairness and quality that playing with an officially government licenced and regulated casino can provide. Players can be relatively reassured that a casino which is properly licenced must operate in a fair or transparent manner, for fear of losing its licence.  Many anonymous casinos are in fact licenced, via the Government of Curacao. However, this jurisdiction is renowned for its ‘light touch’ – a reputation which makes it attractive for many casino operators to sign up for. Players are unlikely to receive much in the way of practical support in the event of any dispute or complaint. This can be particularly the case for UK and European players, because any legal rights which do exist are limited, and are in any case difficult to enforce on a faraway Caribbean island.  It is also an inescapable fact that the lack of firm regulation will be attractive to any unscrupulous casino operator looking to make a fast buck, so players should be on the look-out for scammers, fraudsters and dodgy operators when looking for a reputable anonymous casino.  It is important to check out any casino before you sign up and especially before you part with any funds, whether these be in the form of conventional currencies or cryptocurrencies. Check for poor reviews online and on gambling forums. Plus of course, you can look out for the reviews and recommendations on sites such as this one, notongamstopcasinos.com.
  • Problem Gamblers – Players who know they have a gambling problem should be aware that they are unlikely to receive any of the support which properly registered government-regulated casinos are obliged to offer. These can include deposit limits, cooling-off periods, self-exclusion periods and so on. No such restraining options are likely to be available on anonymous casinos.

Is Playing with an Anonymous Casino safe?

Gambling is inherently risky. So in that sense playing at any kind of casino is risky.  Isn’t that the point though? The thrill of the win wouldn’t exist without an element of risk and jeopardy. If returns were guaranteed, there would be little difference, and probably no more excitement, between playing casino games and simply putting your money into a bank savings account.

In this way, casino players already tend to be adrenaline seekers, and are unlikely to be risk-averse. But there are ways in which playing at an anonymous casino involves taking on an extra level of uncertainty.

  • Cryptocurrency in itself involves additional risk. Its value tends to be more volatile, with some wild swings in value seen over very short time periods. ‘Real’ currency tends to be more stable, but on the other hand conventional money always depreciates in value over time, through the mechanism of price inflation. Cryptocurrency can at least rise in value, although it can crash too.
  • Anonymous casinos tend to be either regulated via the relatively toothless Government of Curacao, or not licenced at all. Players who choose to play at an anonymous casino take on the additional risk of playing at non-licensed or lightly regulated casino as a price to be paid for a degree of anonymity and the ability to use bitcoin or other cryptocurrency as a means of payment.  It is worth noting that there are differing degrees of anonymity too. Most anonymous casinos still require an e-mail address in order to play but there are some which do not even require this. These do not require players to register at all. They can create a unique username and identify players via an automatically generated and secure private key.  Any withdrawals can be sent directly to their players’ crypto-wallets. These casinos do represent an additional risk in the sense that they are totally unregulated, so you will need to reassure yourself that the casino is genuine and reliable.
  • Transaction security is high with an anonymous casino. In some ways they are more secure than a conventional casino. This is because no private security details (other than perhaps your e-mail address) are required, and your transactions are protected by the additional security features of the blockchain.

In summary: in some respects playing games on an anonymous casino is more risky than playing on a conventional one. Yet in other ways, it can be safer. Many players consider that aspects that involve slightly greater risk are a reasonable price to pay for the advantage of anonymity. Players who favour playing their games on an anonymous casino are already likely to have a greater tolerance of risk and consider it to be simply another factor to be considered when taking on the uncertainties and attractions of gambling.

There are two important ways of minimising this risk however. Firstly, always do your due diligence: check online for poor reviews and ongoing disputes with players. It’s also a good idea to consult some well-established review sites too, like notongamstopcasinos.com.

In addition, you can make sure that your chosen casino is a ‘Provably Fair’ operator. The ‘Provably Fair’ scheme means that the casino operates a randomisation algorithm based on the blockchain which can be verified by all the parties to a game. Its technical details can be researched online for players requiring a more detailed explanation, but it is regarded within the industry as a valid guarantee of fairness.

How do I make a deposit at an anonymous casino?

Deposits at an anonymous casino must be made in cryptocurrency, usually Bitcoin. This means that you will need to have purchased your cryptocurrency in advance, and stored it in a suitable wallet. There are many to choose from. Popular examples include BitPay, Coinbase, Edge, Electrum and dozens more.

The lay out and specific procedure required to make a deposit will vary between different casinos, but they always try to make it a really easy process to do so – they want your money after all… So look for the ‘Banking’ page, or ‘Deposit’ or whichever term your chosen casino prefers. Simply look for the Bitcoin option (or other cryptocurrency if available), then decide on the amount you wish to deposit. Finally, confirm the transaction and you’re ready to play.


For players looking to enjoy casino games online without having to disclose all their banking details and personal information, anonymous casinos represent a practical and viable option. Indeed, players who prefer to use Bitcoin to fund their play will find that anonymous casinos are likely to be their only choice.

There are some clear differences in the levels of consumer protection which arise from playing on an anonymous casino, and this article has described these in some detail. Many players are happy to accept a little less protection as a price to pay for avoiding government regulation and a greater level of anonymity.

Provided players take the usual precautions which are advisable when choosing any new casino, any slightly increased risk can be seen as just another dimension – another factor to take into account when evaluating the risk involved in taking on any bet or wager. So fully explore your favoured casino, check online for unfavourable comments and unresolved disputes and consult established review sites like ours.